Research article

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    How The Perceived Threat of Covid-19 Aggravates Chinese Employees’ Emotional Exhaustion and Turnover Intention in Thailand: The Moderating Role of Affective Commitment
    Xuemei Sun and Yi Ma
    Pages 1 - 17  

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    Effects of Change Capability and Knowledge Management on Financial Performance: SMEs in Meat Processing and Preservation Industry, Northeast Thailand
    Benchamat Laksaniyanon and Khemmanat Pookongchai
    Pages 18 - 40  

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    The Implementation of Knowledge Management Practices: A Theoretical Perspective Including both Cooperation-based Analysis and Conflict-based Analysis
    Ao Chen
    Pages 41 - 60  

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    Initial Public Offerings and the Power of Media in Times of Uncertainty: Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Ra-Pee Pattanapanyasat and Aim-orn Jaikengkit
    Pages 61 - 82  

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    Eastern and Western Mindfulness in The Workplace
    Saifon Singhatong, Siriwut Buranapin, Amonrat Thoumrungroje and Wanlanai Saiprasert
    Pages 83 - 99  

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    The Mediating Effect of Firm Risk on Corporate Governance, Firm Performance, and Earnings Management
    Jomsurang Ruangprapun and Adisak Chotitumtara
    Pages 100 - 122