Research article

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    Is Social Media Usage Enough to Achieve Superior Performance in Thai SMEs? The Mediation of Entrepreneurial Orientation
    Laddawan Lekmat and Budsara Eurjirapongpun
    Pages 1 - 21  

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    Using Latent Variables for Confirmatory Composite Analysis
    Chanta Jhantasana
    Pages 22 - 40  

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    Effects of Venture Capital Network Centrality on Earnings Management During an IPO Lockup: Evidence from the US Market
    Yosavee Niranvichaiya and Sorasart Sukcharoensin
    Pages 41 - 60  

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    Effects of a Governing Body on Internal Audit Quality: Empirical Evidence from Thailand
    Usarat Thirathon and Kwanhatai Mitrapanont
    Pages 61 - 79  

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    Do You Think Your Students are into Online Learning? Brain Responses Using Electroencephalography
    Arisaphat Suttidee and Chutima Ruanguttamanun
    Pages 80 - 94  

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    Building CSR Communication in the Banking Business in Thailand: The Mediating Effects of Social Media Influencers and Consumer Skepticism
    Nizar Fauzan and Pensri Jaroenwanit
    Pages 95 - 113