Research article

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    The Development of a Recommender System for Online Travel Insurance by using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets based on Gray Relational Analysis
    Pornpimol Chaiwuttisak and Theeranat Sringamdee
    Pages 1 - 19  

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    Cost Efficiency Analysis of Agricultural Cooperatives using Frontier Analysis
    Nakhun Thoraneenitiyan
    Pages 20 - 37  

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    The Moderating Effect of Perceived Online Privacy Risk on the Relationship between Merchant Characteristics and Willingness to Disclose Personal Data
    Pathou Pimrabiab, Witsinee Bovornusvakool, Sunthud Pornprasertmanit, Sipat Triukose and Supoet Srinutapong
    Pages 38 - 59  

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    Former Government Official or Politician Director and Audit Committee Relationship with CEO’s Discretion and Real Earnings Management
    Konnut Pugatekaew
    Pages 60 - 75  

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    Innovative parcel delivery service in Thailand during COVID-19 pandemic using Structural Equation Modelling
    Kanokkarn Snae Namahoot and Peeranat Inkaew
    Pages 76 - 94